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Hello everyone. I am Mamutte and this is NEO-NOW.
NEO-NOW is an adventure game with ARCADE elements. The game features several weapons and enemies to be destroyed, large maps, and missions.
The game is based on Metal Slug and Cadillac and Dinosaurs.
All art was made on Blender 3D and the game was built using GameMaker: Studio.
I'm always adding new things to the game, my dream is to make it an online multiplayer.


He feels a strange sensation, a bang happens and suddenly his bike stops Duany (protagonist) traveled aimlessly through the roads of the Akaf desert.

working. Duany walks to a close gas station to ask for help, and encounters a strange man who introduces himself as Marley. He says a gang has just ransacked the station and they took everything!
Marley offers Duany a great reward to retrieve a special item the assailants took, and running out of options, he ends up accepting it without knowing what he was getting into in a big trouble.

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